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October 1, 2015

Personal Training…

Over the past 3 years or so, I’ve had a shortage of free time.  Moments of solace have been treasured and were often found in the woods or in a boat.  Now, I’m joyfully living a life where my vocation are the very things I was doing with my free time.  Which in a strange turn of events has afforded me some free time!  One thing I have chosen to spend my “extra” time on is exercise.  I’ve been one for the outdoors and going on occasional bike rides, but never have I had the discipline (or time) to follow a training plan. This is  coming from the girl that hiked the Inca Trail while I admittedly have never done a pull-up in my life!  Well, a few weeks ago I decided to tackle this issue!

I’ve had gym memberships on and off and would exercise with friends, but as is typical of my personality, it would be rather haphazardly, and never really gave me strengthening results (I’m so bad with numbers at moments I forget to count reps!).  So this time I decided to do something different, because clearly a self-plan wasn’t working.  I searched nearby gyms online, went to a couple different places to check out membership plans and conditions, and decided I liked one at the nearby mall.  As I was at the desk hoping the woman spoke English, I asked for more details  and how much training was because I wanted to have a plan to follow!  It turns out right behind me was one of the 3 English speaking trainers, Daniel.  We discussed  a price, and arranged a time.   It couldn’t have been smoother.  We set a plan, for me to meet with him once a week and ride my bike or run at least 3 times a week.  I’ve been faithfully encouraged by his presence and accountability.

Now, why do I even mention this?   Well as I look at the way the past 3 weeks have shaped my understanding of how muscles work, how to exercise properly, and even understanding a proper eating routine, I can’t help but compare the role of the personal trainer to the Holy Spirit.  Stick with me here. It’s a fascinating picture to me, Daniel encourages me, pushes me to become stronger, to have more endurance and to be healthier. He knows what I can do and doesn’t let me stop if he knows I can do more.  More than that, he checks that I am exercising properly, that the right muscles are experiencing the tension; most of the time when I try the exercise the first time by mimicking him, it is not working the right muscle, because I’m doing it wrong.  Through a relationship, through questions and humility, my improper technique is corrected.

You see, I’m learning too about the importance of communing with God.  Sitting in my big yellow chair, and exercising my spiritual muscles, but without the guidance of the Spirit, it’s likely that I’d be working out the wrong “muscles” just focusing on what is easiest rather than what is best.  While the fruit of a personal trainer is a lean body, more energy, and greater strength, we know the fruit of the spirit is:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control…


So, how is your soul training going?  Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to be your personal trainer?


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