BE - I too this photo at an outdoor book market in Paris. Through 2020, many have learned about being rather than doing as we've been in and out of quarantine, shutdowns, and lockdowns.  Exploring and adventure doesn't always mean traveling somewhere, join me as I blog and explore!

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One aspect of photography I ignore is taking photos that require time and patience.  I don’t want to shoot wildlife because sitting in bird blind for that special bird to appear sounds frustrating.  Star trails don’t excite me because it takes a lot of work to shoot for 30+ minutes and then use layering masks […]

Long shutter speeds = Slowing Down

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“I don’t know how I’m going to get there, but I know where I’m going”. Those visionary words, came out of my own mouth, quite prematurely.  That statement is a reflection of faith and trust, one of bravery, confidence and fearlessness all of which are qualities I have seen dwindle in my life over the […]

Through the wilderness

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The title is a little dramatic, but if you could see inside my head and my heart you might agree. “What is the gospel?”  This is perhaps one of the most profound, simplest, and most telling questions you can ask somebody.  I think you’ll get one of four responses. A blank stare (either from somebody […]

Back from the dead

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Running as sport is something that I’ve never appreciated.  When I was a in middle school, the majority of girls played field hockey.  I didn’t like this idea for two reasons: first, who plays sports in a skirt?  and second, I hate running.  One look realizing that field hockey practice was almost as tedious as what the […]

Running on Empty

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Have you ever done something crazy, motivated by love?  Spontaneous trips are one of my favorite things. There’s a thrill to picking up and moving in the unexpected.  Thursday, I learned of an opportunity to do relief work in St. Augustine after Hurricane Matthew went on a rampage. I have been in Florida for a season of […]

Same storm, different tragedy

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I haven’t had a day like it before. Thursday I was working with Roma children next to the most beautiful lake in Hungary, and Friday I was working into the wee hours of the night, photographing a beautiful wedding on a boat docked on the Danube River in Budapest—the golden city behind it glimmering against […]

Three hours in the wrong direction