BE - I too this photo at an outdoor book market in Paris. Through 2020, many have learned about being rather than doing as we've been in and out of quarantine, shutdowns, and lockdowns.  Exploring and adventure doesn't always mean traveling somewhere, join me as I blog and explore!

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Did you ever wonder what the world was like before Babel? Imagine, just for a second, a world with free communication. After living overseas, that is something I’ve longed for, but never as much as I do now. There is something beautiful when a moment can transcend language and culture. That’s what I experienced on […]

Como se dice люблю?

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What do Pink Floyd, flowers, flames and fireworks have in common? No, it’s not the letter F, they’re each a symbol of the graduation celebration I attended this evening. It’s fascinating to me that this “ballagás”occurs before the students take their final exams. It’s almost like an encouragement to press on until completion. I couldn’t […]

Hungarians know how to celebrate!

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Can you imagine having joy without sorrow? The reward without the toil? Celebrating a resurrection with no death? There’s something about walking through pain that allows deep-seated joy to reign supreme. In the midst of transitioning to a new life, new traditions are created, and holidays are often when those transitions are felt the most. […]

A year without Good Friday.

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On occasion I take a pilgrimage to the Szabadság Hid (Liberty Bridge). Tonight, on a rainy evening after a long week I went to quiet my soul, and gaze at both the flow of water and the flow of people. There are many beautiful bridges in Budapest, each with its unique flare.  While, many argue the chain […]

Today is the Day you fall in Love with Hungary

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Have you ever taken a photo and been frustrated with it because it cannot capture the immense beauty of what is in front of you at the moment; only to discover that months later that same photo brings a small portion of that awe back to you, and equips you to step back into the […]

Failing to see True Beauty

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“Trudge through, you will make it, I promise…” I’ll tell you it’s an honor to be in a a community of people that will stand beside you and say such words, but when you’re in the trenches, sometimes it seems to that you’re there alone.  The reality is I don’t always have the people standing immediately […]

Exploring the darkness…exposing the light.