September 11, 2015

The Dirty Duck

On Wednesday I watched an international crisis with my own eyes. I held weary hands, walked alongside feet that walked 3,000 miles, laughed with children, listened to stories of pain, and was present for just a moment in many lives on a life changing journey.

One of those moments I will never forget.  

After hours of sorting trash from useful items as people abandoned belongings at the “catching point” to head towards a refugee camp, I watched as a young girl saw this stuffed duck in a pile of rubbish.  When she saw it her eyes lit up and she had the biggest, most genuine smile I have ever seen.   This excited girl picked it up, and ran to her family, squeezing it.  I think many parents would see a toy ground in the dirt and hay in a strange place and immediately chastise their child for touching such a thing, wash their hands and get along with life.  As the day progressed, we continued to work, and out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t recognize the girl, but I recognized the dirty duck, still in firm grip of her hands.

When you’re in crisis, everything is different. 

The truth is this girl probably didn’t take the duck onto the next part of the journey, when your family has one backpack for all your personal belongings, unfortunately a toy won’t make the cut.  But for that moment, she had a companion, she loved it and it brought her joy.

You see, as I was at the “catching point” for a moment that day, it’s our hope that much like the dirty duck we brought joy to the lives we touched.

Would you share about there a moment when a stranger brought joy into your life?

Now, go and do likewise.

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