BE - I too this photo at an outdoor book market in Paris. Through 2020, many have learned about being rather than doing as we've been in and out of quarantine, shutdowns, and lockdowns.  Exploring and adventure doesn't always mean traveling somewhere, join me as I blog and explore!

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The title is a little dramatic, but if you could see inside my head and my heart you might agree. “What is the gospel?”  This is perhaps one of the most profound, simplest, and most telling questions you can ask somebody.  I think you’ll get one of four responses. A blank stare (either from somebody […]

Back from the dead

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Running as sport is something that I’ve never appreciated.  When I was a in middle school, the majority of girls played field hockey.  I didn’t like this idea for two reasons: first, who plays sports in a skirt?  and second, I hate running.  One look realizing that field hockey practice was almost as tedious as what the […]

Running on Empty

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What do Pink Floyd, flowers, flames and fireworks have in common? No, it’s not the letter F, they’re each a symbol of the graduation celebration I attended this evening. It’s fascinating to me that this “ballagás”occurs before the students take their final exams. It’s almost like an encouragement to press on until completion. I couldn’t […]

Hungarians know how to celebrate!

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Fences are incredibly common in Hungary.  Nearly every house has a fence with a well secured gate around it. Here fences are used to keep some people in and other people out. In the past 2 months, I’ve seen two fences built before my eyes.  This past October, I traveled to Zákány, Hungary and observed […]

Why We Build Fences

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The line of people seemed unending, we were told an estimate of 1,500 yet the trail of refugees walking through the opening in a razor wire border fence seemed to snake for miles. Zákány, Hungary is a small village that borders Croatia.  Tonight, these refugees walked through a muddy field onto a train headed to Austria. […]

Just one glance of her eye…

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On Wednesday I watched an international crisis with my own eyes. I held weary hands, walked alongside feet that walked 3,000 miles, laughed with children, listened to stories of pain, and was present for just a moment in many lives on a life changing journey. One of those moments I will never forget.   After hours of sorting trash from useful items as people […]

The Dirty Duck